Julie Sim

Strengths Advocate, Coach, Facilitator, Panel Moderator and Speaker

Specialist in:

  • Strengths Based Development
  • 1:1, Team and Leadership Coaching
  • Project Orientation and Value Management Workshop Design and Facilitation
  • Industry Panel Discussion Moderator

Julie brings over nine years of experience as a facilitator and individual, team and leadership coach, building teams based on respect, excellence and accountability, and coaching for performance.

As a professional coach Julie is a powerful resource who helps a person or team get out of their own way, stand out, and take action to achieve what is truly important.

As a highly professional facilitator Julie brings a natural, self-confident approach and insight to the role, helping her clients achieve their outcomes.

She uses her strengths focus as a positive driver across both her coaching and facilitation work and successfully combines this with broader experience from environments such as project management, engineering, teaching institutions, and professional theatres, by bringing her unique blend of skills and experience to the fore.

Her light-hearted, quirky personality and sense of humour creates an environment that people feel comfortable to share and engage in. No matter the role, Julie is there to deal with the people aspects and make the individual and group processes more effective.

Julie is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and an Associate Certified Coach and Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Contact Julie: 

M: 021 297 4609

E: info@teamprojects.nz

W: www.juliesim.com