Kevin Long

Principal – HITT Projects Ltd

Specialist in:

  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Project Delivery
  • Programme Management
  • Team development
  • Client relationship development

Starting out on site as a supervisor Kevin has worked his way up through the ranks. With the past 20 years specialising in project management in commercial construction across most business sectors, there isn’t much he hasn’t seen. Having a reputation for getting the job done, Kevin prides himself on being able to get the most from his project teams, whilst building long lasting relationships. He believes the success of the project is down to all participants as a whole not just the person at the top.

In 2003 Kevin was the lead PM on the construction of the largest single storey building in Europe that year, a 96,000m 2 warehouse, completed in just 16 weeks. In 2011 he moved into client-side project management and has since worked with some of the biggest project management companies in New Zealand. Kevin has had the honour of working on some prestigious projects such as the first anchor project in Christchurch, Hagley Pavilion.  Later he was the lead PM of the Award winning team for Dunedin Law Courts project.

Kevin has always tried to live life by following the core principles of:

  • Honesty; always tell the truth, have the back bone to have the difficult conversations. This shows integrity.
  • Integrity; having strong moral principles and honesty helps to build integrity, this is the basis for everything we do and gains trust.
  • Trust; such a basic instinct, to believe in the reliability and ability to perform.  If you don’t trust the people you work with, you won’t be able to perform to your best and you certainly don’t have a team.
  • Team; a team is a group of people who trust each other. We strongly believe no one is more important than anyone else in team. One person can’t achieve everything.

Kevin has experience in the following sectors: Aviation / airports, Commercial, Education, Healthcare, Heritage, Industrial, Judicial, Manufacturing, Military, Retail, Sports

Contact Kevin: 

M: 021 228 2752