Our definition of project management is simple: our job is to ensure all aspects of a project are identified and understood, and that the right people are engaged do the right things, at the right time.

Project initiation

If a project is not set off on the right tracks it is difficult to pull it back in line.

"Over the past thirty years I have witnessed and partaken in many, many projects. Some have been successful, some not so. I have spent much time in trying to analyse what makes a project successful and what makes it miss its target. In the simplest terms, failure to hit the target is down to the fact that no one takes time to work out what the target really is!"

TEAM can guide you through the initiation phase of your project. We employ a systematic approach; we help you to analyse your project and its unique needs, and to help you figure out what long-term project success looks like. Why are we undertaking this project? What are we looking to achieve? What problem needs to be solved? What are the options to solve it?

Only when we have understood the problem can we set the necessary project targets and objectives and begin to develop the most effective solution. It is often not what you first think it is! We help you think outside the square to thoroughly analyse the objectives of the project, and to work through all possible options to achieve them, before agreeing the right way forward, and setting the project in motion.

This way, you can be confident of getting the right answer and the best value.

Design management

We approach design management in the same way we approach all project phases. We challenge the status quo. We challenge solutions to ensure they are providing best value.

We think continuously about safety, in terms of constructability, end-user safety and ongoing operation.
We give great importance to design solutions that are environmentally responsible – we want to do what is good, not just what is “least bad”.

Through the rigorous implementation of value management and LEAN design principles at all stages we help to ensure that designs result in lower costs, less wastage, better environmental solutions, and lower ongoing operating costs.

Value and risk management

Value Management is not about cost cutting.

We use value management at the outset of the project to analyse and prioritise all elements of the project in terms of their “value” and pertinence to the project objectives. We use this to determine a hierarchy of project essentials and prioritised “nice to haves”. This assures that project scope and budget are aligned from the outset, and avoids either budget overspend or deletion of important elements once costs begin to blow out.

We use risk management to identify project risks and unknowns, and based on the level of risk, to work out what these risks might cost. We work with you to mitigate and reduce the risks to an acceptable level, and then establish budget and contingency based on the project’s risk profile.

Continuously, throughout the project and at milestone points, we review and update the project risks and contingencies. This allows us to accurately control costs and budget, and to give you the comfort you need that everything is under control!

Contract administration

All projects must have robust contracts in place for design, construction, supply and all other aspects.

While we build and lead great teams and supportive project cultures, it is still very important that all contracts are managed and administered correctly – for every party’s benefit.

TEAM provides strategic and pragmatic guidance on contractual matters, including advice on the most appropriate forms of contract to align with a project’s risk profile, and the provision of Engineer to the Contract and Engineers’ Representative roles.

We are experienced in the writing, tendering, execution and administration of many forms of contract, including both consultant and construction contracts.