Engineer to the Contract

The appointment of an independent and experienced Engineer to the Contract, or the equivalent position depending on the contract form, is a key project engagement – one which is often not paid the attention it deserves. The role of the Engineer is to protect both contracted parties through independent administration of the contract and the provision of contractual advice.
TEAM can provide you with an Engineer to the Contract who is appropriately experienced in the administration of building, civil and infrastructure projects. We can also provide independent contract administration to manage other contract forms.

“Paul’s firm but fair stance and thorough understanding of the Contract resulted in the project being delivered below its original budget. I would be happy to recommend Paul and endorse his understanding of NZ construction contracts and construction law.”
Geoff Eban, General Manager Terminal Development, Christchurch International Airport Ltd.

Procurement Advice & Project Strategy

Finding the right strategy and structure to deliver your project is hugely important.

There are many contract forms and derivatives and it is important to develop and tailor a project strategy based on the individual risk profile of your project. One size seldom fits all.

Providing procurement advice is a core service of TEAM. The success of a project is not determined simply on delivery to time and capital budget. The success of a project is determined by whether it fulfils its required function, financially sustainable operating costs, environmental responsibility, asset management and many other factors.

TEAM provides specialist procurement and strategic project advice.  Advising the best procurement model means taking the time to understand our clients’ core business, and risk appetite. It also includes selecting project teams with the right technical and cultural fit, appropriate supply chains, and key personnel.

The right procurement model is the one that gives a win-win outcome for all project parties.

Asset Management

The capital cost of a project is a small fraction of the asset’s whole-of-life cost.

TEAM can provide asset management advice to ensure that not only capital cost, but ongoing operational and maintenance costs, are fully considered from the outset. We can offer Asset Management services and advice for both new projects and existing portfolios, to ensure that the right financial balance is struck. We can help you to develop proactive, rather than reactive, asset management plans.

Contract and Legal Advice

TEAM can provide you practical advice on contracts, claims, and contract related issues.

We can provide assistance in drafting contract and tender documentation, based on your particular project needs and your preferences and approach to project risks. TEAM has direct access to both construction industry and contract specialists, as well as professionally qualified legal counsel.

We can assist and advise you in matters of contractual interpretation, dispute resolution and contract mediation. We can assess your contractual position, advise your next steps and to represent you in any subsequent contractual escalation or negotiation.

Sustainability & Environmental Advice

TEAM are strong advocates of protecting New Zealand’s natural resources and assets.

We are not supporters of simply finding the cheapest way to achieve “Green Star” ratings; rather we advocate environmental responsibility.

The world is becoming more and more environmentally aware and astute, and is rightly demanding that appropriate consideration be given to the environmental impact of projects. All projects have a life cycle that extends long beyond the initial construction phase and, as such, leave legacies on which we will be judged by future generations.

We encourage all parties with whom we work to consider the long-term effects of projects and to make project decisions based not on what is “least bad”, but on what is good. We can help you to evaluate the pros and cons of design decisions in an environmental context, and connect you with appropriate organisations and bodies to assist and support you.