Iain Partington

Senior Project Manager

Specialist in:

  • Water and wastewater infrastructure
  • Project management
  • Design management
  • Technical leadership

The primary focus of Iain’s career has been on leading the delivery of major water and wastewater infrastructure, including project management, design management, and design. Iain’s roles as Project Director, Project and Programme Manager and Design Manager on many water industry and related projects include hands-on responsibility for major project management and delivery, as well as a significant number of governance roles supporting project teams.  
He has significant technical experience, especially in the areas of pumping, water and wastewater treatment, and conveyance. Iain provides technical leadership, guidance, and verification roles across infrastructure projects. Iain’s expertise has been proven through the successful completion of many significant projects; experience that enables him to adapt delivery principles to the situation, resulting in a measured balance of cost, technical and ownership requirements for each project. 

Recently Iain has provided technical and design management services to a number of projects for QLDC and has an excellent knowledge of local authority operations and processes. Iain was Project Manager for a review of the process capacity at the Project Pure Wanaka Wastewater Treatment Plant, including leading the development of QLDC’s Business Case, to inform decision-making and LTP planning to address population growth and network reconfiguration. 

Iain’s technical expertise is first class and he is a renowned and respected professional in the NZ water industry. His skillset bridges project management, design management, technical approvals and peer reviews. He is experienced in reviewing and assessing the operational condition and efficiencies of wastewater treatment plants and in developing recommendations and plans for their expansion or rectification.