“Projects Advisory conveys our commitment to helping you establish the right framework and controls for your projects.”

TEAM Projects Advisory Ltd was established in March 2017, by Managing Director Paul Haggath, to meet the changing demands of an increasingly astute and knowledgeable industry and clientele. Our mission is to help you fully understand your project and its needs, and to provide assistance in the areas you need it most. TEAM provides a full range of project management services, from project inception to construction and operation, with a particular focus on project strategy, establishment, and initiation.

Why TEAM Projects Advisory?

The name “TEAM” is a clear recognition that project success depends not on a single party but on the effectiveness of the whole project team.
Every team member has an equally important part to play. As project initiators, our role is to make sure that all voices are heard and heeded.

“Projects Advisory” states our commitment to helping you establish the right framework and controls for your projects. TEAM can provide strategic project advice at the outset of your project to make sure all aspects have been fully considered. We can provide coaching to project teams – and training for clients and their personnel – to further develop their project management delivery skills. We offer project-specific workshops and team management initiatives to assist the smooth start-up and running of your projects.

We appreciate that often you already have a strong project team but may need to engage specialist help at milestone points of your project. Through our associated TEAM Mates, TEAM Projects Advisory Ltd provides access to a collective of specialists across a number of project disciplines, including procurement, environmentally responsible design, contract law, asset management, design and value management.

When you work with TEAM, you are guaranteed the personal attention of specialists. Our aim is to use our expertise to solve your problems.


Our Values are very simple, and are the values we instil in all teams we lead and coach:

Be Honest. Always.

Give the news, whether good or bad.
Take responsibility for your actions.

Respect and harness the expertise of others.

The strength of a team is in its diversity. A successful team embraces the knowledge, strength and expertise of all team members.

“No-one knows everything, but everyone knows something.” Anon

Share knowledge, don’t protect it.

Success depends not on a single party but on the effectiveness of the whole project team.
The effectiveness of the team depends on its ability to communicate and share knowledge.

“It is amazing what can be achieved by a team when no-one feels the need to seek the credit” Anon

Resolve the Issue.

Work for the project, not for yourself.
Take time to understand the problem and consider all the options.
Don’t lose focus.

Be Environmentally Responsible.

Don’t make decisions based on what is “least bad”.
Make decisions based on what is good.

Demonstrate Value. Don’t oversell.

Provide assistance in the areas it is needed most.
If you are not the very best person to give the required advice, find the person who is.


All projects have a life cycle that extends long beyond the initial construction phase and, as such, leave legacies on which we will be judged by future generations.

The world is becoming more and more environmentally aware and astute, and is rightly demanding that appropriate consideration be given to the environmental impact of projects. TEAM are strong advocates of protecting New Zealand’s natural resources and assets. We are not supporters of simply finding the cheapest way to achieve “Green Star” ratings; rather we advocate environmental responsibility.

The success of a project is not determined simply on delivery to time and capital budget. The success of a project is judged on how it fulfils its required function, context  and purpose within its environment, financially sustainable operating costs, environmental responsibility, asset management and many other factors. One of TEAM’s core objectives  is to help you fully understand your project and its needs, and to help you make the right long term decisions.

We advocate the use of local and sustainable materials, minimising construction waste, and maximising efficiency through LEAN design principles. We encourage the adoption of environmentally responsible operating systems and in the integration of projects to their wider environment and context.

Every project should aim to be “Nett Positive” – that is to ensure that its creation makes a positive contribution to the environment to which it is introduced.

TEAM is committed not only to playing our part, but to be active leaders in environmental responsibility.