Project Team Building

Whether within your own business, or in relation to a team that has been brought together to deliver a specific project, success is directly relative to the efficiency and ability of the team.

We run half day, full day, and extended support programmes, for both team leaders and team members, to help work teams and project teams to bond, understand what it means to be a team, and maximise a team’s efficiency.

Topics include:

  • What is a Team?
  • The strength of diversity
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Values and Behaviours
  • The true meaning of “Win-Win”

Tender and proposal writing

No matter how good your business is, you need to be able to sell it!

TEAM has specialists who have worked in both private industry and government procurement. We can assist you in constructing and writing winning proposals and RFP / RFT responses. We have worked on both sides on the evaluation table, and understand what clients and employers are looking for – and what potential contractors and consultants require – from a request for proposal / tender document. Whether a client or service supplier, we can help you to maximise your success rate by showing you how to deconstruct a tender request or proposal.

Topics include:

  • Writing Successful Proposals
  • Understanding Tender Evaluation
  • Inviting tenders
  • What Procurement and Contract form to follow to ensure Best Value

Business development strategy

Many of TEAM have developed and run successful businesses.

We share our business successes (and failures!) through a number of half day, full day, and two-day workshops that are designed to help you understand your business, develop focussed business plans, and develop high return business development strategies.

Topics include:

  • Brand, Marketing and Business Development
  • Developing Pipelines
  • Understanding your market
  • Making the most of your network
  • Business Development – the Cost / Benefit Analysis

Project management workshops

Project Management has a structure and a science which has been developed to ensure that all aspects of a project are properly considered and executed to maximum efficiency.

No matter the current level of your team’s experience and expertise, we can facilitate workshops to help you take the next steps in your teams’ project management development. From basic project management disciplines to specialised workshops at critical project milestones, we can help you to ensure your project starts, and stays, on the right track.

Topics include:

  • Project Management 101 – “What is Project Management?”
  •  Scope and Change Management
  • Design Management
  • Cost and Contingency Management
  • Choosing the Right Contracts and Procurement Models
  • Value Management Principles
  • Value Management – Project Specific Workshops
  • Smarter ways to Manage Risk

Coaching and mentoring

Managing and balancing our work and personal commitments is key to a successful and happy life.

We run a number of courses to help you take stock, analyse and plan your work and personal life priorities, making sure you get the most and give the best to both aspects of your life. We can provide one-on-one workshops and sessions for managers and team leaders, or group sessions for work teams and project teams.

Topics include:

  • Work Life Quality and Balance
  • Life Coaching
  • Personal Resilience