John Nicholson

Senior Project Manager

Specialist in:

  • Infrastructure design and construction management (concept to completion)
  • Project and programme management
  • Stakeholder/Client engagement and relationship development
  • Performance improvement – H&S, quality assurance and delivery
  • Team selection/development, enhancing team performance/culture
  • Data analysis – analytical and practical aptitude
  • Operational mobilisation

John has played a key part in many successful projects over the last 24 years, working with a wide range of clients in the private, corporate and government sectors, often in testing environments. John’s engagement ensured the delivered product met key HSE, quality and performance expectations. He has particularly enjoyed fast moving project roles with challenging timeframes and environments.

John has worked in the sectors of rail and telecommunications infrastructure (feasibility, design and construction), light commercial construction management, earthquake recovery programmes, nationwide deployment of smart meters and an RF mesh network for the electricity sector. He has recently delivered projects within the North Canterbury Transport and Infrastructure Recovery (NCTIR) alliance and Safe Road Alliance (SRA) Level Crossings Upgrade Programme.

In these recent roles, John’s commitment to early stakeholder and contractor engagement, meticulous logistical planning, and contingency planning has been essential to arrange a timeframe that minimises disruption to rail and road operations.

John has also worked with NCTIR on other projects including:

  • Telecommunication Fibre Network Backbone Upgrade for the NZTA and a number of New Zealand’s telco service providers, this is a 50km length of new infrastructure between Clarence and Parikawa
  • Design, install and maintenance of over 65 remote monitoring systems covering high risk slip prone areas for KiwiRail along the rail corridor north and south of Kaikoura.