Paul Perniskie

Specialist Advisor

Specialist in:

  • Strategic management
  • Business strategy
  • Stakeholder management
  • Project management

Paul Perniskie is the Director and Senior Consultant of P.J. Perniskie Business Consulting, and at Monarch Consulting Limited. Paul brings a wealth of experience as a CEO/General Manager for both private and public-sector entities, including Start-up Businesses, Multi-Nationals, Ministries, Departments, Crown Owned Entities and State Owned Enterprises, from anywhere between 10 and 1100 employees.

A focused and driven project manager and senior consultant, Paul is results oriented, focused on delivery, and has a strong business orientation. Paul understands the complexity of working within the public sector, has a broad grasp of business issues, and keen insight into how best to prioritise and move difficult issues forward. He has developed a reputation for delivering the key outcomes, marshalling project resources both pragmatically and effectively, while managing stakeholder relationships throughout.

Paul’s interests lie in property investment and construction. He has a Master’s degree in Management, Business Law, and has written or contributed to multiple publications throughout his career; most recently the Review of Procurement and Contract Management of Property Services (Best Practice Guide) in 2012.