Antarctica New Zealand Fire Upgrade Project / Hazardous Substance

Two projects for Antarctica New Zealand on Scott Base , including upgrades to the base’s fire systems and fuel supply systems.

Date: 2018


Client:Antarctica New Zealand


Project Location: Christchurch


Services Provided: Project Management

TEAM were engaged to lead a number of projects for Antarctica New Zealand on Scott Base projects, including upgrades to the base’s fire systems and fuel supply systems. Scott Base has been there many years and has evolved over that time – it was very important to keep it safe. The Fire Upgrade project included the installation of four new fire separations between buildings, and upgrades to the sprinkler system.

TEAM also managed the Antarctica New Zealand Hazardous Substance Compliance Project. This involved updating and upgrading fuel tanks and electrical systems to keep them compliant to NZ codes.

These projects needed meticulous logistical preparation, to ensure that every element was considered and planned in detail. There is only one supply ship per year to the remote Scott Base, so everything needed to be carefully thought about and containerised, sent down to the base in advance.

These projects came with many challenges: from meticulous logistical preparation, to a tight deadline and controlled budget, every stage of this project required careful and meticulous timing. Once deployed to the base, there was a very narrow window for contractors to construct the works. A detailed schedule was needed.

Lessons to be shared

Selecting the right partners was key to the success of this project. We needed to find project partners who understood that this was not an everyday project. Living at the base in close confines with others required a very high level of collaboration and teamwork.

Designing for extreme low temperatures, it is more important than ever to consider constructability and material selection.

The weather can be brutal and prone to sudden changes in environmental conditions. The delivery team needed to be agile and adaptable to deal with these conditions.