Hartlepool Renaissance and Historic Quay Museum*

The reclamation and redevelopment of Hartlepool’s derelict dockland area was an anchor project for Teesside Development Corporation.

Date: 1993


Client: Teesside Development Corporation


Project Location: Hartlepool, UK


Services Provided: Project Management, Contract Administration, Resident Engineer

The project included the removal and reclamation of contaminated land, the refurbishment of marine walls and the construction of new bridge and road infrastructure to connect the site to the town.

The focal point was the refurbishment of a dry dock to accommodate a historic ship restoration project and a replica Napoleonic maritime township around the dock to form a major tourist attraction and destination.

Lessons to be shared

Whilst Paul was engaged primarily as the civil engineering manager for the project, its diversity was the catalyst for Paul making the transition to project management as his primary passion.

Paul cites the Historic Quay Project as his “lightbulb” moment: it was the first time he witnessed and recognised the regenerative effect that a well thought out, ambitious project can have on a community. The project team’s mantra when making any decision was “Will this make it better?”

Paul continues to apply the lessons he learned from this first project management experience and still asks the same basic question of his project teams every day.

*This case study reflects a project undertaken by Paul Haggath pre-TEAM